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What Mistakes Are You Making With Your Glass?

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Benefits of a Frameless Glass Shower

Have you looked around your bathroom lately and wondered how you can bring it up to date? To transform the space, you don't have to undertake a total renovation. You could instead replace old shower curtains or chunky metal edging with sleek frameless shower screens. To discover the benefits of these modern enclosures, read on.

Easy to Clean

Old shower curtains fall in folds when wet and quickly become infused with mould and mildew. Similarly, metal edging lining each screen forms clefts that trap water droplets and become grimy. However, frameless panels feature smooth glass with little metal, making them easy to clean. You can wipe the glass with a squeegee or microfiber cloth. The support brackets and hinges only cover are a small area, so cleaning is not troublesome.


Opaque curtains separate the shower area and hide it from view, making the bathroom seem smaller overall. The curtains chop the room into two distinct areas. Cumbersome framing, though more subtle, has a similar impact, as it clearly delineates the shower from the general floor area. On the other hand, frameless screens appear almost invisible: they don't cast shadows or block the view. So the bathroom becomes one big open area, seeming more spacious.

Reduces Slipping Hazards

With old framed screens that don't seal properly, water can leak onto the surrounding tiles. Similarly, a shower curtain gets water everywhere. These spills create slipping hazards in the bathroom. However, new frameless showers seal perfectly to contain the water within the enclosure, increasing safety.


Glass' transparency can be deceiving, as it tends to give the impression of fragility. In reality, the toughened glass used in showers is durable and robust, about four times stronger than a standard windowpane. Thus, the screens rarely break. In any case, if they do, these toughened panels crumble into rounded balls that won't cut the skin. Not only is toughened glass sturdy, but it's heat-resistant also, so you don't have to worry about steaming hot shower water affecting the enclosure.

Thus, remodelling your bathroom by putting in a sleek frameless shower offers various benefits. You'll minimise cleaning, and your bathroom will be more hygienic as a result. The bathroom will feel more open and spacious, and it will be safer without water leaking all over the bathroom floor. Additionally, once you install these enclosures, they typically last for many years, so you should get ample use from the investment.