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What Mistakes Are You Making With Your Glass?

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3 Things That Can Derail Your Windscreen Replacement, and Why

Replacing a damaged windscreen with a new one doesn't take long, and most insurance is very good about paying for at least a substantial portion of the replacement cost if you have comprehensive coverage. But the installation process isn't just gluing the new windscreen in and sending you on your way. Once the windscreen is in, there's a curing process that it has to go through to ensure the adhesive becomes strong and keeps the glass in place. In the 48 hours or so after you have a replacement windscreen installed, a number of events can interrupt the curing process and cause the seal to fail. Three in particular stand out.

Water Power

Anything that presses down on the windscreen, even slightly, can push it out of alignment. This includes water that hits the windscreen with great force. Car washes, heavy rain, hail – all of that can cause the seal to open up a bit. You might not see anything, but a tiny crack in the seal can lead to water leaking into the car. And speaking of pressure, don't try to manually clean the windscreen, either. The downward pressure from your arm and hand as you wipe off the cleaning fluid you used can also be enough to crack the seal. Avoid heavy rain, car washes, and so on for a couple of days after getting your windscreen replaced. This does mean you'll have to be vigilant about following the weather forecast to ensure you don't end up parking outside during a storm.

The good news is that a light drizzle usually isn't a problem. Double-check that with the shop that replaced the windshield, but in general, very light rain shouldn't be an issue.

Road Vibrations

After replacing an entire windscreen, you will have to wait at least half an hour before driving away from the shop in most cases. Even with excellent shocks and struts, you'll have road vibrations which travel up through the tires and into the frame of the car. These can shake fresh windscreen adhesive enough to open it up a tiny bit. Waiting a half hour or even an hour is not that difficult to do if you plan the replacement appointment well.

Closed Windows and Sunlight

The heat generated by sunlight streaming in through the windscreen and windows can increase the air pressure inside the car when the windows are closed. This increased pressure acts in much the same way as heavy rain, only in the reverse direction; it presses up and out on the windscreen instead of down and in. For the next several hours after getting the windscreen replaced — maybe about eight to 10 hours — you'll want to roll your car's windows down at least a couple of centimetres to avoid that pressure. The staff at the replacement shop will give you exact timing.

After a day or two, the windscreen adhesive should have cured completely, and you'll be able to drive as normal without worrying about heavy rain or hot days. Just try to avoid whatever caused the damage to the original windscreen so that this one lasts a very long time. Contact a company that offers windscreen replacement services to learn more.