What Mistakes Are You Making With Your Glass?

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What Mistakes Are You Making With Your Glass?

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Answers to Some Commonly Asked Questions About Glass Splashbacks

A glass splashback can be a good choice for your kitchen as the glass goes well with any décor and style, and it's also easy to recycle the glass in case you ever want to remove the splashback, making it a very eco-friendly choice. If you're thinking of a glass splashback for your kitchen, note a few common questions you might consider and then check on your options with a contractor if you still need more information.

1. Will the glass break?

Note that glass used for splashbacks is different than glass used for windows; it's a toughened glass that is also treated to be thermal resistant so it won't shatter under heat from cooking. You may note different ratings for the glass used for splashbacks, including its impact resistance and thermal resistance. Check these ratings and invest in the strongest glass with the highest of these two ratings you can afford if you're concerned about the safety of the glass.

2. Can the glass be drilled through or cut after it's installed?

Because the glass used for splashbacks is so tough and strong, you may not want to do any cutting or drilling yourself. While the glass can be cut, it may be good to have a professional contractor do this so he or she uses the right drill bits or saw blades. This will ensure they handle the cutting and drilling necessary without damaging the tools used, and they can also ensure that the glass has rounded, soft edges after cuts are made. 

Because cutting and drilling the glass after it's installed may require a contractor, you might want to ensure that you have everything else installed in your kitchen before your splashbacks. This would include electrical outlets, switches, permanent hooks, a vent hood over your range, and the like.

3. Can splashbacks be adhered to tiles?

Whether or not you need to have tiles removed before glass splashbacks can be installed often depends on the texture of the tiles and their condition; typically a splashback must be installed over a smooth surface that will properly hold the adhesive used for the glass. Note too that putting a glass splashback over tiles will typically give it a thicker look so that it juts out further from the wall than you may have expected. A contractor can note if old tiles should be removed and you may want to consider this extra depth they would add in order to make the decision of removing them or not.