What Mistakes Are You Making With Your Glass?

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What Mistakes Are You Making With Your Glass?

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Beginner's Guide to Window Glass Replacement

Aside from looking unsightly, broken glass on windows can actually harm people if left unattended. Glass replacement is a job that requires an individual to pay lot of attention to detail. Need to do the job like an expert? Here is a learner's guide for replacing broken window glass safely and properly.

  1. Remove broken glass: First things first, you will need to safely remove the glass from the window frames. Ensure you are wearing a pair of safety gloves to protect your hands from glass cuts that may occur while you are touching the glass. You also need to put on a pair of safety glasses just in case small chips of glass fly off as you are removing the broken glass. Once the broken glass is taken out of the window frame, you should put them a safe distance away from the work area as they can be hazardous if left lying around. Also, make sure the glass is kept out of reach of small children and pets, even if you intend to immediately dispose of them after you are done working.
  2. Remove old putty: In order to help house glass to the window frame, a rabbet is usually built at the bottom and sides of the frame. Putty is then normally applied around the rabbet to ensure the pane remains firmly secured. It is this old putty that you will need to scrape. You can use a craft knife or jackknife to get the job done. Use sandpaper to remove tiny bits of putty that may remain on the window frame so that the new glass pane can fit in easily. If there are any glaziers points inserted into the rabbets, you will have to pull them out with needle nose pliers. Be careful not to damage any part of the window frame.
  3. Paint the frame: Repaint the window frame with depending on the material used to make them. Linseed oil-based paint is ideal for wooden frames while steel window frames can be painted with acrylic enamel. It is most convenient and time-saving to use a fast-drying paint.
  4. Install the new glass pane: Before you can slide the new glass pane into the window frame, put a cushion of putty into the rabbet to hold the glass in place. Make sure the thickness of the cushion is placed evenly so that you do not have to forcefully press the glass into the frame just so that it can fit properly. Once the glass fits, apply putty and insert glazier points to secure the new glass.

If you need professional help with any step, visit a glass replacement company like Stevens Glass Pty Ltd.