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What Mistakes Are You Making With Your Glass?

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Ways in Which Glass Splashbacks Are Ideal for Any Kitchen

Splashbacks are an essential part to any kitchen. Although typically overlooked, they do help in reducing the amount of cleaning up you would have to do over sinks and cooking areas. However, not many homeowners put extra thought when considering the materials they want for their splashbacks. Instead, they will typically select the first or the cheapest option that they come across. Although glass splashbacks may cost more than the conventional materials that are available, here are some of the ways in which they are ideal for any kitchen.

Glass splashbacks are easy to maintain

Other forms of splashbacks are typically installed in form of tiles. As such, their surface may be easy to clean but you find dirt and grime will eventually begin accumulating in the grout. If not addressed appropriately, this leads to staining of the grout and unsightly splashbacks. Moreover, some materials tend to be porous, which makes them easier to absorb stains. These materials, for example ceramic tiles, will require constant and immediate cleaning to keep them in pristine condition. With glass splashbacks, you do not have to worry about this since you can opt to have them installed as uniform slabs without any grouting in between. This greatly decreases the chance of dirt accumulating on them.

Glass splashbacks are resistant to heat

A common misconception that some homeowners have is that glass splashbacks are not suitable for cooking applications, as the glass will melt. It should be noted that the glass used to make splashbacks are designed to withstand high temperatures. As such, you do not have to worry about your splashbacks becoming singed or burning when used behind cooktops. Additionally, it will not change in colour or have its surface compromised, which also decreased the chances of you requiring repairs or replacement of your splashbacks due to heat damage.

Glass splashbacks are aesthetically appealing

One of the most common reasons why homeowners will engage in kitchen renovations is to give this room a facelift. However, extensive kitchen renovations can cost an arm and a leg, especially if you are trying to make it as attractive as well as functional. One of the easier ways of sprucing up your kitchen while also making it more functional would be through glass splashbacks. There are various ways that these splashbacks can enhance the appearance of your kitchen. For one, you could opt to have coloured glass, which effectively adds a pop of colour to your kitchen without you having to paint the walls. Secondly, the glass splashbacks reflect light, thus making your kitchen appear more illuminated without having to install new lighting. 

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