What Mistakes Are You Making With Your Glass?

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What Mistakes Are You Making With Your Glass?

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Simple Guidelines for Repairing Scratched Window Glass

Modern window panes are designed to withstand stress and provide long-term service. However, the glass material is not infallible, and the feature can sustain substantial damage in different conditions. One of the main types of damage you should be concerned about in your home is scratching. This will interfere with the aesthetics of your windows. Moreover, the damage can escalate over time, causing the glass to weaken. Therefore, you should perform immediate repair after the occurrence of such a problem. Here are simple guidelines to help you repair scratched window glass.

Examine and Clean

You should inspect the scratched part of the glass as soon as you identify the damage. Ideally, you should ensure that the window pane is still strong and not actually broken. If there are lose shards or there is a significant crack, you should contact an emergency glass repair company. If the damage is superficial or very shallow, you should clean the surface with commercial window cleaning product. This will prepare the surface for repair.

Repair Surface Damage

If the scratch is completely superficial, the repair process is pretty straightforward. Basically, a superficial scratch is one that is not deep enough to catch the tip of your fingernails. This type of repair is aimed at restoring the visual appeal of the glass. You will need to purchase a glass polishing agent with cerium oxide at a hardware store or, alternatively, use jeweller's rouge. Dab the material onto the scratched area and polish with a soft cloth. This should remove scuffs and other forms of damage from your windows.

Fix Deeper Scratches

If the scratch can catch the edge of the fingernail, the damage is deeper and cannot be eliminated using simple polishing techniques. However, you can make the damage less prominent by cleaning out and removing residual glass particles and even dirt from the groove. You will need to obtain mineral spirits, some toothpaste or even mild detergent for this process. Apply a small amount to the light crack and rub the material into the area. You should use gentle pressure to avoid making the damage worse. Finally, rinse out these cleaning agents using a glass cleaner.

Filling Small Pinholes

If there is a pinhole attached to the scratch, it is important to fill it. This will prevent air from flowing in and the damage from accelerating. You can patch the perforation with clear nail polish to restore integrity. Apply several coatings of the material on the affected area, allowing each layer to dry for optimal sealing.