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What Mistakes Are You Making With Your Glass?

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4 Strategic Steps To Fix A Corner Chip On A Glass Tabletop

Glass tables are both elegant and stylish, but even a small corner chip can bring down their look dramatically. Complete glass replacement is not only expensive when you're dealing with a small chip, but it's also unnecessary when you have the right tools and are equipped with proper knowledge. Follow these strategic steps for undertaking glass repairs to fix corner chips on your tabletops.

Remove All Glass Shards And Fragments From The Surface 

Use a damp cloth to remove all glass shards and fragments from the surface. To completely fill a corner chip, the glass surface has to be completely cleaned and free of all debris for the filling solution to adhere better to the surface of the glass. Use sandpaper on the chipped area to create a slightly abrasive surface, but take care to vacuum the whole area once done. Finish off by cleaning out the chipped area with a solution of water and dishwashing liquid to ensure that it is free from dust and debris.

Choose Glass-Friendly Epoxy Resin

Glass-friendly epoxy resin is available at most home improvement stores and is typically sold in liquid form along with hardener for applying on surfaces when undertaking glass repairs. Mix the resin and hardener together based on the instructions presented to you by the manufacturer. Be sure to follow the instructions precisely because the wrong composition will make the mixture too runny or too hard. The ideal composition will form a gel-like substance.

Apply the Epoxy Resin On The Chip

Apply the epoxy resin inside the corner chip with a paintbrush, but take care to clean up excess resin quickly to prevent it from drying on unwanted areas of the tabletop. Make sure you apply enough epoxy resin to cover the entire chipped surface during your glass repairs task. Use gloves when applying the epoxy resin because this may cause skin irritation and redness.

Wait For The Epoxy Resin Mixture To Dry 

The epoxy resin mixture will need a couple of hours to dry based on the curing instructions of the manufacturer. In some instances, it may be best to leave the table to dry overnight. Make sure the room is well ventilated to accelerate the process of drying and don't use the table until the crack has dried out completely. Your glass table will look good as new once again without the need for glass replacement.

These strategic steps for glass repairs will help you fill small corner chips in glass tabletops without having to replace them completely.