What Mistakes Are You Making With Your Glass?

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What Mistakes Are You Making With Your Glass?

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It's Easy to Replace the Glass Doors on Your Fireplace

Fireplaces serve two primary purposes in your indoor space. The first one is rather obvious. They host fires when you want to keep the surrounding warm and habitable. The second purpose focuses more on the design of your home and the general ambience that a fireplace creates. Fireplaces often add an antique feeling to your interior, creating a vintage look. Adding features like glass doors is an excellent way of blending an antique look with modern fittings in your home. In this guide, you will learn how to replace the glass doors on your fireplace: 

Find the Brackets Holding the Glass Doors

Glass doors installed on fireplaces are often held in place using special L-brackets. Begin by locating the L-brackets so that you can devise a way of removing them without damaging the frame and the old doors. If you want a good view of the brackets, open the glass door and look at the brackets from the inside. It will give you a clear picture of how the brackets support the glass door.  

Remove the Brackets 

Most L-brackets hold glass doors via flat or star-head screws. This should be easy to remove. Use a suitable screwdriver to unscrew the brackets while providing adequate support to the old glass door. Keep the screws aside for use at a later time if need be.   

Detach the Clamp and Remove the Door 

Use a pair of pliers to remove the clamps fitted on the top sections of the glass doors. Start by unfastening the screws, and once they are loose enough, hold the clamp and remove it from the glass door. At this point, you should have a good hold of the glass door because removing the clamp sets it free and there will be nothing else supporting it. Be careful as you remove the door so that you don't hit against any obstacles or tools around you. 

Fit Your New Door 

Hold your new glass door firmly and slide it into the correct position. Start by aligning the clamp on the top side and move on to aligning the L-brackets. They should line up correctly before you can start fastening the screws. It is worth noting that glass doors have a very slim margin of error, and you need to be patient when aligning the clamp and the L-brackets. Don't be in a rush. 

When everything is aligned, put back the screws and fasten them to hold your new glass door in position. If a friend or loved one can help with this DIY project, this would be a great time to bring them in. Look for someone who provides glass replacement services to learn more.