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What Mistakes Are You Making With Your Glass?

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Factors To Consider When Installing Glass Shower Screens

When deciding on a new glass shower enclosure, you'll need to make a myriad of decisions regarding its door, shape, glass and framing. Here are factors to consider for your new installation.

Pick A Door Style

When installing a glass shower, it can be tricky to know which door design to choose. Let practical space considerations be your guide. In a small bathroom, a sliding door neatly moves in line with the shower and doesn't need any swinging room. Pivot doors can swing inwards, needing a large enough enclosure, or outwards, requiring sufficient general floor area. Not only can outward swinging doors block the road for others in the room, but you need to factor this into the layout and design.

What Shape?

Possible shapes for your glass shower include square, rectangular, hexagonal or rounded. You could place a square enclosure in a bathroom corner to maximise floor space. Hexagonal and curved shapes save even more area as they eliminate the hard corner. If you have a large bathroom, why not construct a sizeable luxurious shower to match? A rectangular enclosure might be perfect.

Decorative Glass

While safety glass is mandatory for your shower, you'll have the freedom to splash out with decorative versions for your shower screen installation. Frosted glass with an even sheen has the glacier look of an iceberg or a mist-filled morning. Instead of uniform frosting, though, you could cover the screens in decorative designs of delicate or abstract designs. Patterned rain glass provides a textured option with grooves that mimic rain trickling down the screens. You could also build in seclusion with tones of grey, bronze, blue, or green within the glass. All of these decorative options create a more private showering experience.

Framing Options

Glass showers open up a bathroom as they don't block the view as curtains do. This sense of openness alters depending on the degree of framing around the glass panels. Fully-framed screens are encased on all four sides with metal edging that also supports the structure. As these models have framing support, they can use thinner glass than some more stand-alone designs. Frameless panels have barely any hardware — typically discreet brackets or support. These designs seem almost invisible, giving the impression that the bathroom is one big area rather than two, the area inside versus the area outside the shower. Semi-frameless models have a degree of framing that lies between these two.  

To get help with a shower screen installation, contact a professional in your area.