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What Mistakes Are You Making With Your Glass?

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Ways a Glass Splashback Is Better Than Tile

It can be hard to choose the right splashback material with so many available options. Two materials that you might be considering are glass and tile. A glass splashback is better than tile in several ways, as explained below.

Print Options

A unique aspect of glass splashbacks is that you can print any image you desire on the glass panels' back. You can choose any high-quality picture, be it a photo of a rainforest or a piece of marble. Other possible images include geometric patterns and illustrations. You could install an image of wallpaper or wrapping paper on the back of the splashback to personalise your kitchen wall. Tiles might offer various colours and patterns, which glass offers also, but tiles don't offer the unique feature of printed images.


Something noticeable when you look at a glass splashback is how the panels connect seamlessly, without joins interrupting the smooth surface. You could install a splashback painted in a beautiful mint colour, and all you'd see is that lovely mint hue spread across your kitchen. However, with tiles, you have endless grout lines, breaking up the surface into numerous little areas. A tiled splashback doesn't offer the clean look of glass. You could try to replicate this seamlessness by installing uniformly coloured tiles with matching grout. However, even then, the effect wouldn't be so smooth.

Easy To Clean

The main purpose of a splashback is to catch all the splats and spills that arise when you're preparing and cooking food. Of course then, the splashback will need regular cleaning, as it's in the prime position to capture grime. A glass splashback is extremely easy to clean with its smooth, even surface. You can use a microfiber cloth that will polish it to a shine, or you can use a glass cleaner.

The grouting between tiles, however, captures water, grease, and food debris. Over time, grouting gets grubby and even allows unhygienic mould and mildew to grow, particularly if it's near the sink. You'll need to scrub the grouting and work extra hard to keep it looking clean. Regardless, it won't come up as pristine as glass.

Quick Installation

Installing a glass splashback won't interrupt your daily kitchen life for too long. Contractors will measure the kitchen area. Then, the glass pieces, including cutouts for electrical outlets and other elements, will be manufactured offsite. Once the panels are ready, they can be attached to your kitchen wall relatively quickly. Even though you'll have a wait time while the glass is manufactured, the actual installation process is quick and easy. In contrast, tiling consumes more time, as the tiles have to be laid one by one.

Contact a company that installs glass splashbacks to learn more.